‘Camhanaich’ is a great word. It’s Gaelic, and refers to the half-light you get at dawn.

This was the last track to be written for ‘Lines’ but it’s optimistic and bright feel made it an obvious album opener.


The percussion line on ‘Lines’ comes from the tapping of a bow on various parts of an old Polish violin. An overlaid felt piano line, bubbling synth and airy pads make for an uplifting piece of music.


90 seconds of dark synth pads and string feedback haze leads to a piano / string combination of hope. Originally part of a short-film soundtrack, it was expanded into a full track and is the closing piece on ‘Lines’.


First track from album, ‘Borderless’.
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As McSleazy / mcslzy

Take the Lead

Video commentary from the work we did on New Line Cinema film, ‘Take the Lead’.